I am a vessel. I listen, receive, and channel. Presence/God/Higher Self/Source/…, however we name this Something, expresses in me, with me, through me. I call this Something Mystery.

I dance in Mystery
I dance with Mystery and through Mystery 

Mystery dances in me

It dances with me and through me

Mystery dances me

I am danced
I am dance
I am and I am not for I AM

dance I AM

I AM is what I am but have forgotten that I am. I AM is what you are but have forgotten that you are. I AM is what we are but have forgotten that we are. I AM is beneath and beyond time. It is beneath and beyond space. I AM defies all attempts to describe, define, classify it. It expands beyond personal identification, self-definition through name, nationality, age, sex, profession, illness, religion, spirituality, humanity, … . It is beneath, beyond, and in between. And it is here now. It is in me, with me, through me. I AM is in you, with you, through you. I AM is in us, with us, through us. Unseen, untouchable I AM is closer than the closest.
Felt in the body, with the body, through the body, it is flesh and bones and it is not for it is

I dance to remember the dance I AM. 

I dance and remember more and more. I remember a different quality arising from the dance I AM. “The different – the unknown, the actually well-known, the forgotten. Remembering the forgotten. I remember what I have forgotten. Towards the ultimate unity because ‘As above, so below. As below, so above. So that the miracle of One be accomplished.’” 1 2 

When I dance, I give the entire time and space to the process of remembering the dance I AM. I give and receive. Dancing gives me back. It gives space and structure. It is space and structure. It opens me to the multidimensional body that I AM. It holds me from without so that I land in what is and it holds me from within so that I embody what is. From there arises a different quality.

Dancing is a sacred space, a space of revelations, a space where the human unites with the divine. And dancing contains this space. It gives this space a structure. It is its structure. It is a body that holds the parts together, a body that holds the structure and a body that holds the space; a body that holds the seen of the structure and the unseen of the space – the unseen, the felt from beyond the seen, the sensed from beneath the visible. From the unseen within to the crystallised seen without.

I dance and remember the dance I AM through the perspective of multidimensionality that I embody, live, and dance_multidimensionality that embodies me and lives me_multidimensionality that dances in me, with me, through me_multidimensionality that dances me; and through a multidimensional perspective of principles, stages, and the in-between information – all contributing to the unfolding of the dance I AM and its different quality.

I dance and remember the dance I AM through the perspective of the body, the teacher. “The most valued teachings [are] learned from [this] teacher.”3 Guiding me through the intricate pathways of infinity, the body gradually unfolds newer and newer understandings_more and more insights emerge_I absorb them all, one by one.

I dance and remember the dance I AM through the physical body_flesh, bones, organs, fluids, … . Embodying the cells’ awareness of themselves, I ground within the physical.

Exploration of the physical body constitutes the reference space for my inquiry into the non-physical body, its physical materialisations and non-physical manifestations. The perspective of the emotional body_the mental body_the spiritual body_the … body – emotional, mental, spiritual, … information arising in, with, and through the physical body; the multidimensional body_a vessel for Mystery dancing in me, with me, through me_me the vessel dancing_me the vessel danced_the danced I AM_the dance I AM.

Understanding the body as a multidimensional vessel of infinity, I feel my body as
the body of multiple bodies

body within multiple bodies
body with multiple bodies

body through multiple bodies
multiple bodies in the body, with the body, through the body

infinite lives dancing in the body, with the body, through the body

space in which, with which, through which I live and perceive, rejoice and grieve space in which, with which, through which I experience Mystery
Mystery of Self
Mystery of Multiverse
Mystery of Infinity

space where the seen meets the unseen, the physical the non-physical,
the touchable the untouchable

space where the human dances with the divine

space of infinite potentialities
space of infinitude of relating, of my infinity, your infinity, our infinity

space of infinity
sacred space
humanly divine space of the dancing eternity

Dancing in my body, with my body, through my body, I am danced and I remember the dance I AM. Danced, I continue to dance.

1 Quote from Tabula smaragdina attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice-Great Hermes, supposedly the founder of astrology) as cited by Franco Santoro. Franco Santoro, Astroshamanishm. A Journey into the Inner Universe. Book 1 (Findhorn: Findhorn Press: 2003), 13.
2 Excerpt from the article Inviting a Different Quality by Aleksandra Maria Ścibor published in the monograph “Choreographic Strategies – New Perspectives”. Aleksandra Maria Ścibor. “Ku Innej Jakości.” In Strategie Choreograficzne. Nowe Perspektywy., edited by Tomasz Ciesielski and Mariusz Bartosik. (Łódź-Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego and Instytut Muzyki i Tańca, 2017), 159.
3 Deborah Hay, My Body, the Buddhist (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 2000), xxiii. 
photography: Karolina Kraußer