Today I felt you the stars. I felt you within my body. I felt you through my ears. I felt you through my eyes. I felt you. I felt me. I felt one. First I heard you sounding with multicolours, in multi directions, with endless Joy. I heard your pitch becoming higher and higher, transforming into transparent strings of light and dissolving into space. Before you transformed into space, I saw you shimmering_sparkling_glowing_appearing and disappearing. I saw you rejoicing in_with_through infinity you are. I invited you to expand all over my within. From the heard into the seen into the sensed_ all within. And without. Yes, at that moment I felt as if I was pulling you sounding from without. Cosmos within me. Me Cosmos. Celebrating infinity I AM. My eyes gently awakened with white and transparent presence. Wide open, they looked at the world around with a friendly smile. You, the stars, were looking from within me at the without. You, the stars were then smiling at the touchable around. You, me, we. One. Then I bought yellow roses. They were smiling at me just like you were smiling through me. Their smile met with my smile and we came together.