Shitty Dance Shitty

Alter Dance Theatre

The performance is neither about love, friendship and spirituality, nor about human feelings and emotions. It is addressed to several types of spectators, i.e. those yearning to deepen their knowledge (gnostic type), those in search for mental impulses (intellectual type), those involved in the reception of sensual impressions (contemplative type), those penetrating the psyche of characters (empathising type), those sensitive to the dancers` beauty (erotic type), and those seeking a chance to distance themselves from reality (illusory type).

choreographed and directed by: Witold Jurewicz
performed by: Mariola Benesz, Izabela Chlewińska, Maciej Kuźmiński, Wojciech Łaba, Agnieszka Muczyń, Paweł Skalski, Aleksandra Ścibor
music: collage
photo: Katarzyna Madziała
premiere: 26 April 2008, XV Contemporary Dance Presentations, Kalisz