my beloved Dance
my Beloved
dance me
take me into your arms and dance me 
dance me more
more and more

into Infinity
I am yours Dance
Feel how yours I am
Ecstasy of me belonging to you is celebrating its beingness
Dance I am you
You are me
Feel me, feel you, feel us  
Elated one
Shall we dance?


When I dance, the Amazing happens. When I dance, Mystery expresses with my human body_ in my human body_ through my human body_through me Human_me Divinity_me Divine Human. When I dance, Space opens_Consciousness expands_Joy awakens_Freedom rejoices. When I dance, Mystery celebrates! When I dance, Mystery is celebrated_Mystery is Celebration_Life is Celebration – Celebration of Light, Celebration of Ecstasy and Serenity_Celebration of infinite Exuberance and ecstatic Peace_Celebration of Infinity. When I dance, I radiate Mystery_Mystery radiates with me_in me_through me_into Infinity. When I dance, I am danced. When I dance, I am dance_I AM dance_ I am danced_I AM danced_Danced I AM_Danced I continue to dance.

photography: Karolina Kraußer