Don’t Leave… 


conceived, choreographed, and performed by Clara Garciae, Claudio Machado, Lucas Tanajura
conceived, choreographed, and directed by Aleksandra Maria Ścibor
music: Ruben Wielsch
lighting design: Pedro Dultra
photography: Stefan Chytrek
premiere: 1 August 2016, Sommerwerft Festival, Frankfurt, Germany

Don’t leave… is an attempt to stay with simplicity and infinity of breathing, moving, and relating. Through the layers of fascia – connective tissue surrounding, embedding, joining, and separating different structures within the body, holding them all within the network of infinite connections. What does it mean to be and move with myself? What does it mean to be and move with the other? How do I interact with others staying connected to myself? How do I not leave myself being and moving with others?