Funkin’ Stylez Motion Labz


choreographed by Ossei Kwame and Aleksandra Maria Ścibor
performed by contemporary dancers (ZuKT, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts) and urban dancers (Frankfurt and Düsseldorf)
photography: Baba Takao

workshop: 16-21 September 2013
showing: 22 September 2013, Frankfurt, Germany
produced by Tanzlabor_21 and Dance Unity

Funkin’ Stylez Motion Labz 2013 – Urban meets Contemporary
In connection with the preliminaries rounds of the Funkin’ Stylez World Team Battle in Frankfurt am Main, Tanzlabor_21 and Dance Unity offer a workshop led by a contemporary choreographer and an urban choreographer that together seek to bridge the limitations of stylistic boundaries. The content and aim of this collaboration between dancers and choreographers is a 10-minute production developed over the course of a five-day workshop and presented during the preliminaries. The 20-person team is composed in equal parts of dancers from contemporary and urban dance backgrounds. Contemporary dance is represented by the dancers from the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and urban dance by the dancers from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.