I live in my body.
I live with my body.
I live through my body.

I embody my body.
I embody every body.
I embody any body.

Within the space of dance, theatre, and all the in-between spaces.

I embody what desires to be embodied – the seen and the unseen.

I embody everything and I become nothing. 

I trust, I sense, and I feel thatHeaven and Earth reflect each other, that whatever exists within and without, from the smallest particle to the biggest galaxy, represents the repetition of the same system. (…) [that] There is no separation:
our inner and outer worlds are the reflection of
the same whole of which we are all part.”

And I dance.
I dance within Presence.
Presence dances within me.
It dances with me and through me.
Presence dances me.
I am danced.
Danced, I come back to Oneness.

Franco Santoro, Astroshamanishm. A Journey into the Inner Universe. Book 1 (Finhorn: Findhorn Press: 2003), 13.
photo: Aleksandra Ścibor