Inviting a Different Quality 


embodied, written, and presented by Aleksandra Maria Ścibor
Choreographic Strategies – New Perspectives Conference

University of Łódź, Institute of Contemporary Culture
Department of Drama and Theatre, Łódź, Poland

Inviting a different quality happens through inviting every quality. Inviting every quality is enabled by inviting a different quality. One pre-conditions the other. One transforms into the other. This process is reciprocal and takes place in overlapping waves. Meeting every encountered quality releases more and more of a different quality. Different from the known, different from what is. Only through meeting every quality that is may a genuine sense of a difference unfold. The different – the unknown, the actually well-known, the forgotten. Remembering the forgotten. Meeting every quality I remember what I have forgotten. Towards the ultimate unity because “As above, so below. As below, so above.
So that the miracle of One be accomplished.”

Quote from Tabula smaragdina attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice-Great Hermes, supposedly the founder of astrology) as cited by Franco Santoro. Franco Santoro, Astroshamanishm. A Journey into the Inner Universe. Book 1 (Findhorn: Findhorn Press: 2003), 13.
Excerpt from the article Ku Innej Jakości [Towards a Different Quality] by Aleksandra Maria Ścibor. 
mapping and photography: Aleksandra Maria Ścibor