Oratorium Dance Project



music: Tomasz Krzyżanowski and Maciej Maciaszek
artistic director: Tomasz Rodowicz
directed by Tomasz Rodowicz
choreographed and directed by Robert M. Hayden
assistant choreographer: Aleksandra Ścibor
symphonic orchestra and choir of the Łódz Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Grzegorz Wierus
choir of the Łódz Philharmonic Orchestra guided by Dawid Ber
choir of the Young Chorea guided by Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Maciej Maciaszek, Jakub Pałys
choreography for the Choir of the Young Chorea by Lara Lloyd Weber
jazz quartet: Hubert Zemler (percussion), Mariusz Obijalski (piano), Wojtek Traczyk (counterbase), Marcin Gańko (saxophones)
sound design: Krzysztof Sztekmiler
lighting design: Tomasz Krukowski
costumes: Izabela Ofelia Śliwa
visuals: Paweł Korbus
voice teachers: Joanna Chmielecka, Dominika Jarosz, Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Maciej Maciaszek, Jakub Pałys, Dorota Porowska, Elina Toneva

dance teachers: Janusz Adam Biedrzycki, Paweł Grala, Julia Jakubowska, Aneta Jankowska, Joanna Jaworska, Maja Justyna, Małgorzata Lipczyńska, Wojciech Łaba, Jacek Owczarek, Urszula Parol, Magda Paszkiewicz, Krzysztof Skolimowski, Justyna Sobieraj, Aleksandra Ścibor, Katarzyna Wolińska
photography: Adam Kozłowski and Joanna Świderska (archived by Chorea)
premiere: 8-9 December 2012, Wytwórnia, Łódź, Poland

“Oratorium Dance Project” is an international artistic and educational project combining dance and music, with the participation of 200 amateur and professional artists. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that “Oratorium” encompasses the whole city of Łódź, all generations of its citizens from very diverse contexts, who otherwise would not have had a chance of meeting each other. For the first time in the process of “artistic creation”, we have been observing through many months of workshops and rehearsals, how considerable changes are taking place in the participants, some of these changes are for good… They are already different, more aware. They want to be treated seriously. They want to make their own choices. “Oratorium Dance Project” is a challenge we pose to the city and to ourselves asking about our identity, our anger, our loneliness, and our love.