felt, embodied, and choreographed by Aleksandra Maria Ścibor
premiere: 18 February 2016, Gallus Theater, Frankfurt

Sushuma is a journey into and through touching the intangible. It is a journey of experiencing, embodying, and expressing the endocrine system. A journey towards crystalline states of BodyMindSoul.

Through the lens of Body-Mind Centering® I invite the glands to self-recognition and presence. With attention, intention, touch and movement. Holding a soft sense of purpose. Towards a dialogue.

Responding, the glands bring out distinctive sensations, images, thoughts, moods and qualities. One by one they organise themselves into a map, which though not a territory, provides me with a framework for this glandular experiencing. Alive and mobile, the contents of this journey stays subject to transformation.

Sushuma is an ongoing process of me becoming a channel transferring the glandular information. Connecting glandular manifestations with emotional states. Interlacing the endocrine embodiment with the chakra system. Searching for a flow through the energy centres in the body. Merging the individual with the human, and bringing it onto the universal level. Layering the experiencing. Meditating the wisdom of the moving glandular body.

Sushuma manifests depth and honesty. It brings the audience into a state of captivating hypnosis. The dancer shares her journey within an intimate space and opens it for us. Entirely captivating, the last scene makes one feel that we all are part of the same channel of flowing energy. As it used to be. As it will be forever.
Izabela Chlewińska, dancer and choreographer

And so be it. And so it is.
Aleksandra Maria Ścibor

photography: Marta Węgier